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About Us


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 Eco-Fabrik is a California (USA) based, family, owned small business offering bamboo and hemp clothing as well as organic cotton t-shirts and other accessories. Our business philosophy is in harmony with the preservation of our beautiful planet earth and its ecological needs.

Organic clothes, unlike their synthetic counterparts, do not deplete the planet's resources. At the end of their life cycle, they blend back into the soil, joining the natural process of re-invigorating the planet earth. We care about a number of environmental, social and ethical causes. A percentage of your purchases go towards supporting these causes & non-profit organizations as listed here at this page...

 Our goal is to make your shopping experience enjoyable. If you are happy with your purchase, please write us a review of the product you purchased. We will send you a $10.00 discount for your next purchase. If you are unhappy for some reason, do let us know and we will strive to address your concerns.


Ecofabrik has been serving eco-conscious consumers since 2007.