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Connected Planet

Greening the World without the Green Washing

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                                                               Sustainability is a movement; a way of living simple yet meaningful life that is good for people and good for the environment. Sustainability also means sharing & preserving the resources of planet earth with all other living beings and making sure we do not deplete these resources to support a reckless life style. The goal of sustainability is to preserve & enhance these resources for the future generations of...

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Ecofabrik Moves to Shopify

  We would like to welcome all our friends and customers to the re-launch of Ecofabrik online store on Shopify platform. We made the decision to migrate from our previous web-hosting site to Shopify to provide you with new features,  better service and a more pleasant online shopping experience. You have been supporting our business since early part of 2007 and we would love to continue this friendship and our association with all of you and your families & friends in the coming years. This is our first blog post on Shopify and we begin with wishing all of you...

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