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Do you have to kill Turkey on Thanksgiving Day?

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If April showers bring May Flowers, then what does May Flowers bring?



And, the Pilgrims brought us the Thanks Giving Day!

With Thanksgiving Day begins the season of shopping frenzy and winter holidays in America.  Next comes the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and shopping madness. Then the joy of X-mass, New Year, Valentine’s Day and the months come full circle back to April showers and spring flowers and on goes the march of time.


  Thanksgiving is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday in the month of November.  Its origin can be traced back to the 16th century when the pilgrims invited the Native American Indians to give thanks to God for the bountiful harvest after abundance of rainfall followed by a severe drought.


Pilgrims decided to give thanks to God by observing a day of prayers & fasting and then breaking the fast with a formal feast. Since the pilgrims had learned to raise corn, beans, and pumpkins from Native American Indians, it was only appropriate to invite them to show gratitude & spirit of friendship. That is when the very first Thanksgiving dinner is said to have taken place. Although there are many conflicting accounts of the dinner menu on that day which included ducks, geese, fish , small game and wild berries but no one knows for sure how turkey & pumpkin pie have become the staples of modern day Thanksgiving dinner.


While there is no evidence that the day of fasting and first Thanksgiving feast actually took place, this however, has become a favorite tradition for families & friends to get together over dinner and give thanks to one another and above all to God for his blessings.


Some historians believe pilgrims were quite religious, so their thanksgiving would've included a day of fasting and praying. However,  there are others who believe that the Thanksgiving dinner did not take place.


At any rate, this traditional dinner celebration went on without having a fixed day of the month or month of the year during the colonial years. Then, in 1777 all thirteen colonies joined to mark the victory over the British in a befitting manner. They chose a Thursday in October 1777 to hold communal celebrations and Thanksgiving feasts.


This tradition continued for another 100 years. Finally, after a number of changes in days and months of the year, President Abraham Lincoln issued an official proclamation in 1863, designating last Thursday of November as the American Thanksgiving Day. We take this opportunity to thank all of our blog readers, customers and well-wishers for their business and good wishes. May you prosper in your personal & professional endeavors and your life is blessed with family and cheer.

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