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The Next Step in Sustainability and Natural Living

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When it comes to natural living, earth-friendly lifestyle and going green for the environment, sustainability is always at the core. Sustainability doesn’t just mean that we use less fuels to generate electricity or run our cars. It encompasses all facets of our lifestyle, from our commutes, to our homes, to even our clothing. Yes, you heard me right. Even our wardrobes are included in an Eco-friendly living. Wondering how? Well, here’s the thing; the clothes we typically wear actually have more chemicals in them when you consider how the cloth for this garment was manufactured. Not only are those chemicals unhealthy for us, but they’re harmful for the environment too. Think of all the chemical waste that is generated to make these clothes, and add to it that even the manufacturing process itself consumes a lot of energy and fuel.

This is where organic clothing comes in. In case you didn’t know about all the different types of organic clothing, you are in for a big & pleasant surprise. The new list of organic clothing now includes bamboo shirts, hemp t-shirts, organic cotton t-shirts and even bamboo golf shirts for men and women. There are fabrics like Modal, Tencel (trade names of Lyocell brand.) and Bamboo, all made from cellulose extracted from natural plants and wood pulp. Organic Bamboo clothing is stylish, luxuriously soft and has inherent antimicrobial properties. Hemp t-shirts are made of hemp fiber which is derived from this centuries old plant that has been harvested in many parts of the world without the use of chemical fertilizers or harmful herbicides & insecticides. This fabric is soft, sturdy & durable and has numerous uses from clothing to upholstery to ropes and sails for the boats.


Organic clothing is derived from naturally harvested or produced materials, such as cotton, Bamboo, Beach-wood, soy and even corn. Unlike synthetics, these materials are free from pesticides, radiation, herbicides or genetically modified bacteria and other organisms used to grow synthetic cotton or linen. What this means is that not only is organic clothing safer for the environment, it’s also a lot safer for us. Did you know that bamboo and hemp have antimicrobial properties and that can kill the harmful bacteria on our skin? While these statements are offered by various manufacturers, FTC hasn’t officially acknowledged or confirmed them.

Topping that off, organic clothes actually outlast their cheaper, “fast & synthetic” clothes. This means that organic clothes are actually a lot better investments in the long run. Imagine your favorite t-shirt not getting worn out in two or three months. According to studies, an average American throws away about seventy pounds of clothes a year. If you consider how much a t-shirt weighs, that’s a lot of t-shirts. Whereas, if you consider organic clothes, if you take care of them properly, they can easily last years. The reason clothes from centuries ago endured longer life is because they used to be mostly organic, natural or produced by chemical free processes. Sadly, that just isn’t the case anymore.


So what can you do? Why not stop buying synthetics and go green? Why not switch over to organic clothing? If you’re queasy about changing your whole wardrobe, then don’t. Start by getting a few articles, some t-shirts, a nice pair of organic jeans perhaps and see how they turn out. Since they’re made of better quality materials, they actually look and feel better on you. All you have to do is take care of them properly. The better you treat them, the longer they’ll last and the longer they’ll look good on you.


Wondering where you can buy organic clothing? Well, you can find them at pretty much any good mega store in your area, or you can also look for them online. There are plenty of websites that carry organic clothing lines, as well as some smaller, specialized brands that only do organics. One such online store is where they have a really good collection of hemp clothing, organic cotton t-shirts and shirts of bamboo as well as bamboo golf shirts and bamboo polo for discriminating clients. These garments are stylish and are priced pretty reasonably as well. Just give it a try, you might get hooked on organic clothing and mother Earth will love you for that. There are many ways to nurture your ecological values and support sustainability but with organic clothing you can fashionably wear your values while driving your hybrid car or bicycle to work. After all sustainability starts with all of us.

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