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Why do golfers carry a folded golf towel?

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Have you ever wondered why most golfers have a folded towel hooked to their golf bags? Well, that trusty golf towel is something of an essential piece of equipment just like a golf club, though relatively an inexpensive tool as compared to other golf equipment. This golf towel is such an item that most golf players wouldn’t want to step onto the golf course without one hooked to their golf bags.


This trusty piece of equipment has multiple uses on the green but primarily it is used to clean up the golf clubs. Ask any experienced golfer and they would tell you that dirty golf clubs are often the reason behind a lousy shot. Usually, dirt, sand or grass clippings would stick into grooves and club heads or even caked up there and wouldn’t come off unless you give the club a good rub of wet golf towel. Some -time when a wash stand is not located nearby, golfers would pull the trusty damp towel to clean up their golf ball. Experienced golfers know that if golf clubs remain wet when stored away in the golf bag, they can easily get rusted. For this reason, it is essential to wipe them off with a clean & dry golf towel before putting them away in the golf bags.


Lately, some golfers have discovered bamboo golf towels to keep their clubs and golf balls thoroughly clean. While bamboo golf shirts made from rayon of bamboo have become popular golf apparel, bamboo sports towels and bamboo golf towels are finding many admirers and fans among multiple cadres of sports enthusiasts & athletes. There are two main reasons for the new-found popularity of bamboo golf towels. First and foremost for many golfers is bamboo’s microfiber like softness that is known for superior cleaning quality. Secondly, many eco-conscious golfers prefer bamboo golf towels because bamboo is well known as a sustainable resource that is harvested without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides like cotton.


Golfers also use their golf towels for wiping off the sweat on hot muggy days as well as drying off their hands to improve their grip on the club handles. And, whenever the golf course is wet, a golfer would quickly reach for the towel to dry off the ball after putting out. Some golfers would soak their golf towels in water and cover their necks to keep them cool when playing a round of 18 holes on hot summer days. Some golf towels are known as Stay Wet Golf Towels due to their property of moisture absorption and are sold at a fairly high price. Many golfers have been delighted to discover the unique properties of moisture absorption and moisture wicking associated with bamboo viscose golf towels but not priced as high as the so-called stay wet golf towels.


 So why is a golf towel layered in two or three folds along the length of the towel? Basically, it allows the golfer to use one inner layer for cleaning the golf balls, another to clean the clubs and the outer layers to wipe hands and face. As for the construction of the multi-fold golf towel, essentially this is one towel usually 15” X 35” that is folded like a sheet of paper would in three layers. Next, these layers are either stitched along the top or held with one metal grommet punched into the top so the towel can't unfold at the top. The bottom can unfold and gives the user several full surface areas of the towel. Typically, inner layers are used for ball and club cleaning while the outer layers are kept clean for wiping hands and face. Most all golf bags have hooks or rings for the purpose of attaching hooks or clips on the golf towels. Some golfers use more than one golf towels and hang them on opposite sides of their golf bags. There are, custom embroidered and personalized golf towels available at club shops and pro-golf stores for Professional golfers and armatures alike.


Like many reputable golf shops, Ecofabrik online store offers bamboo golf towels in two styles; a standard version and a larger version. These are really cool golf towels due to the superior moisture absorption and moisture wicking properties inherent to the bamboo fabric. Ecofabrik Organic Gear gives the golfers choice to have their golf towels personalized with embroidered monograms as well as have them elegantly embroidered with their clubs, team and association names & logos.  In short, golfers have a verity of color & style choices when it comes to golf towels from retail shops as well as wholesale golf towels sources. Many retailers and online stores are offering cheap golf towels in various materials as well as best bamboo golf towels of superior quality in several colors. However, golfers seem to be buying bamboo golf towels like hot cakes. 

Now that you know why golfers carry a folded golf towel, we encourage you to try a bamboo golf towel next time you are out on the green and see for yourself why everyone is running to get one. Let us know what you think of all the talk about bamboo fabric.


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