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Empowered to Save Electric Power

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Electricity is an essential part of our daily lives. We use electricity for numerous things and often do so without even thinking much about it. From flipping the switch for lights, heat, air conditioning, cooking and myriads of electronic devices, we are turning the power on & off all the time. Often times our yard lights stay on well info the day light hours. Our computers stay on while we are eating lunch and sometimes we are busy doing other things away from the computer desk. We seldom think twice that all these things are wasting electricity. Yet we need to do our best to save as much power as we can.Generating electricity takes a heavy toll on our environment that runs against the grain of earth-friendly life style. Saving electricity is a major part of sustainability and green living. Why? Because generating electricity by conventional technology is not a renewable process like that of solar and wind powered electricity generation.


The types of light bulbs that we are using can be a problem for the environment. There are many places that sell those that are energy efficient though. You can get them in any size you need for all the rooms in your home. They aren’t very expensive and what you do spend on them you will save with a lower electricity bill each month. Manufacturers are coming up with energy efficient household appliances, computers and other devices. Many department stores and appliance dealers offer government sponsored discount programs when you buy energy efficient products. As consumers, we have become empowered to save electricity with the help of technology and all such devices aimed at lowering the power consumption. It is, then, up to us to use the electricity wisely and help the environment stay greener and cleaner for the benefit of all living creatures.


It is very simple to cut back on the amount of lighting you use at all though. During the day open curtains and allow the natural sunlight to shine through. Then you will only need to turn on the lights at night when the sun goes down or on cloudy days. Develop habits of green living and natural life style. You will be amazed how much money you can save and help the planet earth in doing so.


The use of sky lights has become very popular for businesses and even in newer homes. This allows the sun to be shining through the ceiling and so less electricity has to be used. Some of the larger retail stores such as well as major shopping malls use this as much as possible.


Eco-conscious folks know that there are many ways in which we can generate electricity that comes from alternative power. You can place solar panels on your roof which will collect electricity. That is the source your home will use for all of its needs when you turn the power on to something. From heating your swimming pool to water heaters and many other ways we can use solar energy and we will tackle this topic in more details in our future posts. To be continued…


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